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Microsoft to sell video games at $60 for Xbox One

Microsoft may bring a little bit of good news to the Xbox One, with reports circulating that the company will sell triple A titles at $60, sticking to the previous generation price. Inflation since 2006 would make the games priced at $70 now, although this could be flipped by saying games back then should have


Xbox One will allow users to share games with 10 family members

Even though the used game problem is still floating around the Xbox One, as well as the Kinect privacy issues, Microsoft has released some soothing news regarding the borrowing schemes for users. Xbox One users will be allowed to share a catalogue of different games to 10 family members, this sharing portal will allow you


Sony teases PS4 console ahead of Xbox event

Sony has made a rather blurry teaser video to keep the spirits up before the Xbox event tomorrow, showing the PS4 console at a distance with a sufficient amount of blur and close in capture shots. One thing missing from the Sony PlayStation event was the actual console, the company made a big deal out


IllumiRoom won’t be on show at Xbox event

Sadly, the new project IllumiRoom will not be getting a place at the Xbox event in Redmond, Washington to unveil the Xbox, according to¬†Microsoft Research’s Hrvoje Benko and Brett Jones. The team is still very much in the prototype stage with IllumiRoom and is continuing to expands its research and find new scenarios to use