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Facebook Going Into The News App Business To Compete With G+?

Facebook is planning to launch a new news apps service as part of Facebook.  Facebook is designing applications to run within Facebook for several well known news outlets. Forbes is reporting that CNN, The Daily and the Washington Post are already set up to be launch partners for Facebook’s new news service dubbed “Facebook Editions”

With Audio Clouds Firmly In Place Ultra Violet Prepares Video Cloud

Of course there are some cloud based storage lockers that will allow you to upload any kind of content, including video. However a new cloud is forming called the Ultra Violet cloud. The UV cloud comes with support from most of the major motion picture studios except Disney. The Digital Entertainment Content Ecosystem Alliance has

Cell Phones Not Linked To Brain Tumors

In a study of 2.8 million Danish adults conducted by the World Health Organization’s International Agency For Research On Cancer, Dr. Joachim Schuz came to the conclusion that people who have used cell phones between 11-15 years were no more likely to get cancer than those who did not. Acoustic neuromas, which are also known

Hackers Get To Fox News Twitter Account: Tweets OBAMA Assasinated

One of the Fox News Channel’s official twitter accounts @foxnewspolitics was hacked early this morning.  As soon as hackers took control of the account they proceeded to start tweeting malicious and fake news including the news that the President had been assassinated, which of course is not true. Fox News alerted the Secret Service about

Taptu Let’s You DJ The News On Your Honeycomb Tablet

The unique news/social media reader app Taptu, has released a new Honeycomb version of their totally awesome news and social media reader app. Taptu allows you to DJ the news by setting up specific news/rss and social media feeds in ways that matter to you. No more having to weed through the clutter go get

Are Smartphones Killing The Ipod?

Before the iPod there was this thing called the Rio player, I had one and I think it held like 8 maybe 16 songs, not gb not mb songs… Then in a plan to inch his way back to the top of the company he co-founded, Steve Jobs and the folks at Apple released the

Poynter Institute Confirms Newspapers Dying

American journalism research firm, The Poynter Institute, has confirmed what newspaper publisher’s have long seen coming. That is that more people are getting their daily news from the internet rather than a traditional newspaper. That point was echoed earlier this year when Ruper Murdoch started an online newspaper published directly to iPad. It was later

Mike Jones: What was That You Were Saying About Myspace?

One thing I leaned from my radio days in the 90’s is when corporate suits sit you down in a group and tell you that your jobs are safe is the day when you need to start shopping tapes and resumes… We’ve been covering the debacle that is now Myspace since the third quarter conference

MySpace Not For Sale, Says CEO Mike Jones

The hotseat shifted or rather moved from San Francisco California to France for the LeWeb conference. The conference started yesterday and concludes today with a whole slew of industry players including Marissa Meyer of Google, Dennis Crowley of Foursqaure and Mike Jones embattled CEO of Myspace. As we reported earlier this fall, NewsCorp (MySpace’s Parent