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News Corp Partners with AT&T to Launch Own Tablet

Rupert Murdoch-led media conglomerate News Corp revealed Monday, July 23rd, its plan to partner with US carrier AT&T in a bid to realize its plan in releasing its own tablet. It’s been reported that the company was planning to help improve or enhance education through digital products and it looks like a mobile device which can be used in so many different ways in school is the best plan that emerged.

News Corp’s education division (also recently known as Amplify) will be the one to oversee the realization of the plan. Bringing latest technologies to classroom will enhance learning capabilities of students and teachers.

“Amplify will introduce new products in a thoughtful way, so that technology can finally live up to its promise to advance learning and augment teaching for students, teachers and parents everywhere,” said News Corp in a statement published on Big Pond News.

Likewise, AT&T Mobility’s CEO and president Ralph de la Vega confirmed the partnership with News Corp. He said that their plan would include the use of a “4G mobile tablet-based experience that we believe will significantly enhance teaching and learning for grades K-12.”

Critics see this as a rehabilitation stunt for the company which has been involved in the phone hacking controversy last year. But taking the face value at hand, this plan will be greatly beneficial for students as well as to the educational standard of the U.S. as a whole.

Murdoch was known to be an outspoken critic about the educational weaknesses of the U.S. public schools. It seems like he is now acting to help improve the educational system of the country.

Tech enthusiasts, however, are more excited to knowing the specs, features and capabilities of the News Corp tablet. But as early as now, there is no significant information about the reported devices, although it won’t be long now before we can see them in action considering both News Corp and AT&T confirmed that the first test will run through 2012-2013.