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AT&T to offer free global texting in over 200 countries

AT&T has just announced a great bonus to customers of its Mobile Share and Mobile Share Value plans with the ability to send free text, video or picture messages to over 200 countries around the globe. This will help AT&T users connect with their loved ones or friends abroad through standard messaging, while a majority of

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T-Mobile CEO reveals resolutions for 2014

The CEO of T-Mobile is always known to have great social media presence, especially on Twitter. And with the company gearing up to announce something special and consumer friendly at CES next week, CEO John Legere has been getting more attention than usual. And now, the official Twitter account of T-Mobile has posted an image with

Apple’s new patent to create thinking phones

Apple is fast moving towards a new era of technology as evidenced by some of the patents it has filed in the last few months.  Known for path-breaking concepts and pioneering technology, the company is scaling new heights with each passing day.  Bigger screens and faster processing is passé. The company is now focused on

Samsung announced launch of the Galaxy Note 8

Korean based tablet king Samsung has announced the release of its new tablet in the United Kingdom. The tablet, called the Note 8 is to have an 8 inch screen and a stylus for touch interfacing. Note 8 runs on Android which is a surprise considering Samsung’s recent shift from Android to Windows 8 with

Facebook building a cold storage for forgotten material

If rumors are true, which almost always is the case, Facebook is building a 16,000 square foot data center in Prineville, Oregon to provide storage for older, less looked at Facebook content. The company is looking at reducing energy costs by separating popular views from the less viewed material. Popular text that includes statuses, wall

Serial Hackers on the loose

Microsoft has confirmed in what is a disturbing but not unexpected revelation that its systems have been breached into, and that is another victim of the increasing number of hack attacks. The Mac software business units in Microsoft were the targets this time. The company has confirmed that a very small number of PC’s were

Facebook launches new job board, features 1.7 million job openings

Facebook has become a threat to Linkedln’s presence in social jobs recruiting after the social network giant launched a new Facebook jobs boards that features 1.7 million jobs opening from five different recruiting entities. Facebook started last year a Social Jobs Partnership with few public agencies to post jobs opening already available on their pages

App Spotlight: Citizenside

Ever think to yourself while leafing through a magazine “hey I’ve taken photos like that before, why can’t I be getting paid for this?” That’s actually a very good question. More and more news programs are using pictures taken by the public. Even governments are looking for your help, the Vancouver riots as a prime example.

App Spotlight: ChannelCaster: Social News

Sometimes it’s hard to sift through all the boring news to finally get to the topics you care about. Even if you specify what it is you’re looking for, the likelihood of not getting additional useless topics added to the few you actually wanted to read is low. That is why many app developers have

App Spotlight: Zinio

People enjoy staying current with what matters to them. For some that means watching the news at night or reading the paper However, some prefer a different media;:the magazine. NMany different apps have come out to cater to those wanting to be in the know, and for those who read magazines one of those apps

App Spotlight: Stitcher News & Sports Radio

This day and age people expect things to be mobile in order to fit in with their hectic lives. Should they have to deprive themselves of the things they enjoy just because they’re busy? No, of course not. If the radio is one of those things that just can’t be given up, an app that