Google Fiber

Google pours cold water over reports of Fiber expanding to New York

A report yesterday said that Google could bring its Fiber service to New York City. But a spokesperson for the company has now denied these reports stating that Google Fiber will be focused solely towards existing markets and the 34 new regions that will soon get the service. A job listing for a managerial post in New York

Judge Says Sprint Must Face NY Tax Fraud Case

Sprint could be going to court as a U.S. judge refused to dismiss the New York state attorney general’s lawsuit claiming that the carrier deliberately failed to pay sales taxes. The decision which was made public this Monday showed that New York Supreme Court Justice O. Peter Sherwood denied a motion of the third-largest U.S.

Verizon Wireless Expands Their 4G LTE Network…Again

This is getting to be old news, but Verizon has done it again! The carrier continues with their plan of covering the United States in their 4G LTE network. Verizon Wireless has announced that the company has expanded their coverage in 4 New York state markets. No doubt subscribers in the area are going to

Samsung’s Trio Of Galaxy S II’s – The Breakdown

Yesterday we attended the launch event for the Samsung Galaxy S II – the follow up to the incredibly successful Galaxy line of Android devices. You probably remember last year the Galaxy S devices were announced together in New York, on June 30. Each of the four major networks had their own with T-Mobile launching

A Primer To Android Development Offered In NYC

Chris Haseman the author of “Android Essentials” is offering a 4 session course in Android application development called “A Primer to Android Development” in New York City. The four classes are Thursday February 24th, March 3rd, March 17th and March 31st. The cost for the entire course is $180 however Haseman promises you will leave

Is the Kyocera Echo Sprint’s Big Announcement?

Someone pinch me it seems the Huffington Post has been acquired by AOL and Sprint’s big announcement is the Kyocera Echo. Mobile, tech and Android media along with industry analysts were invited to an invite only event in New York City Monday evening. We will be n hand as CEO Dan Hesse and master illusionist

Sprint lights up New York’s Wimax network

Sticking to their word Sprint has officially launched “Wi-Max” service in the New York metropolitan area. “Wi-Max” is referred to by Sprint and partner Clearwire as “4G” despite not reaching speeds of 100mbps, the “4G” standard set by the ITU-R, and reinforced by the organizations standards board late last month. Regardless of the actual name,

Bank of America asks "would you swipe your phone?"

Mobile Banking has been this sort of floating, shapeless thing for awhile now. Some smartphones can do things like take pictures of Checks and deposit them to your account, where others have apps that go right to your account for various activities. Some banks aren’t doing more than just creating a mobile version of their