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Amazon to launch five or six new Kindle Fire models

The Kindle Fire, a mini tablet computer version of the’s much popular Kindle e-book reader was launched 7 months ago. The device is basically an Android tablet running on a dual core 1 GHz TI OMAP processor and comes with a 7 inch IPS touchscreen display supporting multi-touch. The reason behind its success is its $199 price tag which the company managed by keeping its profit from device itself low. According to Amazon’s business strategy, the company will be making money by selling digital content for the device. Though the device is successful, the scene is changed now. We have Google’s Nexus 7 falling under same price range, but having a hardware that is way too powerful than what the current Kindle Fire has. Now, the company looks all set to launch an upgraded model in order to stay in the competition.

According to Staples president of US retail Demos Parneros, with the new model, Amazon will be bringing in a lot more than just simple refresh of existing 7 inch Kindle Fire. According to Parneros, Amazon will be launching 5” or 6″ new Kindle Fire models. At least one of those new models will come in a larger form factor, which according to rumors will be a 10 inch version, however, the status of 10 inch Kindle Fire keeps fluctuating on a daily basis.

Most sources claim that Amazon is certainly working on a 10 inch Kindle Fire. Amazon is set to introduce five or six new tablet SKUs, but it’s not clear whether each of the SKUs correspond to a completely different new devices or same device with different memory capacities. Also, it’s not clear whether Amazon will be launching the 10 inch Kindle Fire along with 7 inch model. The original Kindle reader will not be taken down, so some SKUs may even refer to the original device, nevertheless, Amazon is most certainly looking at expanding its current device lineup and we wouldn’t be surprised if the 10 inch model shows up. That said, another rumor suggests Amazon is also working on a Kindle smartphone.