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New Google Drive SDK Improves Third Party App Integration

New Google Drive SDK Improves Third Party App Integration

There are a couple of important features which a cloud service should possess for it to gain wide acceptance by general consumers. The first one is the amount of free storage space that is provided when a user opens an account. Second is the level of flexibility that the app provides in terms of third party app integration. Some of the more successful cloud service providers provide sufficient free storage but particularly excel when it comes to third party app integration. Dropbox, for example is one such popular cloud storage service provider. It recently updated it’s app to extend the third party integration support to even more apps. Now, Google is making some serious effort in making it’s Google Drive cloud service, a leading player in the cloud storage service.

Google, in it’s on going Google I/O developer conference launched a separate iOS app for its Google Drive cloud service. Today, it has revealed that it has now updated the Google Drive SDK. An update which is especially designed to make it easier for app developers to integrate their applications more deeply with Google Drive. A better integration will mean that application users will be now able to save files into their Google Drive account directly from app, open documents and play video and music files stored in Google drive, on a third party app.

This also means better integration of Google Doc files with third party applications which support the export formats. The possibility of such a third party app integration is endless. Another significant use will be the sharing of files and data with others through a third party app like Facebook and to store game ‘save files’ in your Google Drive account directly from the game.

The new and updated Google Drive SDK can be downloaded from the link here.