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Thinner capacitor for compact Xenon flash units

All the smartphone manufacturers are in a race to have the best camera module on their product. Recently announced HTC One which uses something called Ultrapixel, in which each pixel can get 300% more light than competitors products, thus leading to the final photograph having a better photo quality. The best camera that I have

LiveView™ – Something Exciting from Sony Ericsson!

A 1.3 inch OLED display with Bluetooth connectivity which allows your phone to be mirrored to this miniature display.  At first sight of this interesting device I thought, hmmm…pointless.    Thankfully there was a video included and after watching it I saw the light.  This is quite an innovative product.  Anyone who has ever tried

Weekly Segment – Intro to Android [Widgets]

By Russell H. Sr. Editor TDG Online The android community has been exploding with new users every day. All over the place I am seeing people with every kind of Android phone, and everyone is using their new handhelds just a little bit differently. Then I realized that very few of these people have a

Google Mobile drops huge voice features!

The new shot around the world for two days now about a Google press conference, and no other real information. Speculation shot from being related to the Chrome update yesterday to some of the Gingerbread-esque features we saw at IO, and even Gingerbread itself. While the announcement was not nearly as epic as Gingerbread, we