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Sprint’s Complete 4G LTE Map Surfaces

Sprint was the first carrier in the U.S. to tout “4G’ although disputed by some, Sprint was able to make this claim because of their WiMax network, a joint venture between Sprint and Clearwire for which they own 50%. The ITU eventually rescinded it’s first position and said that WiMax, HSPA+ and 4G/LTE all qualified

Sprint Beefs Up Their 4G LTE Markets Before Launch

Sprint announced today two more markets to it’s planned mid-year 4G/LTE roll out. Kansas City and Baltimore Maryland have joined the ranks of Sprint’s 4G/LTE cities. At CES Sprint announced they would start rolling out 4G/LTE towards the middle of the year. When they made that announcement they announced that the flagship phone for their

Sprint Extends Deadline For Lightsquared Deal

Last week Sprint released a progress report on it’s Network Vision which is a collective plan for all of Sprint’s network enhancements including 4G/LTE. Sprint said in that report that they were on track to start lighting up a 4G/LTE network in 2013. Now that we are just one year away from that goal, many

Sprint Says They Are Still On Track For LTE In 2013

Earlier this year Sprint laid out their Network Vision plan to take Sprint’s Now Network into the future. Sprint was the first carrier to roll out something called “4G” with their WiMax service, a joint venture with ClearWire for which the own more than fifty percent. While WiMax is fast, it appears that as analysts