5 Best Kodi Addons For Android TV Boxes In 2020

Finally got Kodi up and running on your Android TV Box? It can be a bit of a difficult task, but congratulations! Now you need some addons to make your Kodi experience a whole lot better than just the standalone software. With Kodi addons, you can do a substantial amount — you can watch live

5 Best Kodi Addons For PS4 In 2020

Have you finally successfully got Kodi working on your PlayStation 4? That’s great news, but Kodi available by itself isn’t exactly the best experience. To turn it into a great media package, you’re going to want to download addons to go with your Kodi software. Addons will let you watch countless variations of TV shows,

5 Best Kodi Addons For TV Shows In 2020

Have you finally downloaded and setup Kodi successfully on your computer or mobile device, and aren’t sure what to do now? Well, you need a couple of Kodi addons to spice your media experience up a little bit. One of the ways you can do that is through a Kodi addon that will give you

5 Best Kodi Addons For Movies in 2020

If you’ve successfully installed Kodi on your Windows PC, or any other device, you’re halfway through the battle. Installing Kodi by itself just won’t do, you’ll need some addons so you can enjoy the full features and benefits that it has to offer. There are thousands of different Kodi addons available out there, so it

Fire TV

5 Best Kodi Addons For Amazon Fire TV In 2020

Do you have an Amazon Fire TV? Have you gone through the laborious task of unlocking the Fire TV to install the Kodi software? Great! It can be a difficult process, and you might be slightly disappointed to see that there isn’t a whole lot of content available straight away after downloading and installing it.

5 Best Kodi Addons For Windows PC

Getting Kodi setup on your Windows PC can be a bit of a chore, and after completing that, you might’ve noticed that Kodi seems to be missing something. You might see that there’s just not a whole lot of content available, which is a huge disappointment in comparison to the praises you’ve heard about Kodi.