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Neptune Pine Claims the ‘True Android Smartwatch’ Title

As the craze of smartwatches picks up, with many companies including a new entrant Razer and those already known in the personal electronics market like Intel, Pebble and Qualcomm jostling for a place in the smartphone watch market, you wouldn’t be mistaken to think that smartwatches are typically supposed to be a companion device – a wearable piece

Neptune Pine Kickstarter Campaign Launches

Early this year we reported about a smartwatch called the Neptune Pine which is being called as the “the world’s first independent smartwatch” by Neptune Computer, a Canadian startup company. Fast forward to November and we just learned that a new Kickstarter campaign has just been launched to fund the mass production and release of

Neptune Pine: The Android Smart Watch With Its Own Micro Sim

Smart watches are becoming quite popular today various models released that work in tandem with your smartphone. There’s the Pebble that works on both iOS and Android devices and there’s also Sony’s Xperia SmartWatch. While smart watches are great gadgets they have one limitation and that is that they rely on a smartphone to maximize