Google has acquired Waze for $1.1 billion

Google has sealed the deal with navigation and social traffic app Waze for $1.1 billion, following months of rumours from various tech news agencies about the deal and who was bidding for the Israeli based startup. Waze will stay open for business, as many large deals for mobile and web services do nowadays. With a

TomTom On Its Way To Android This October

It’s been quite a while since we’ve heard any new news on TomTom’s arrival to the Android platform. Last time we heard anything they simply said that it would be releasing “fairly soon.” Today, some news for the application has gotten a whole lot more clear. TomTom is going to be previewing their long awaited

Google Maps For Android Gets Significant Update

Google has update the Google Maps app in the Google Play Store (Android Market). They’ve done away with the older text only menu for Google Maps and traded it in for the more colorful and iconic menu seen in the screen shot above. The newest version of Google Maps is version 6.4.0 According to the

MWC: Co-Pilot Free GPS Announced

ALK Technologies, the company behind CoPilot Live GPS navigation, has released a new free GPS app for Android, iPhone and iPad. CoPilot offers routing and mapping navigation on your smartphone. The app also has millions of points of interest preprogrammed into the app so that you can see what’s near you or look up destinations

IFA 2011 News: Navigon Unveils Next Generation of Android Navigation Apps

Although all Android phones feature Google Maps and Navigation, there are some users out there that prefer third party navigation apps. Some of the third party navigation and mapping apps have more indepth features because these companies specialize in one thing, and that’s navigation.  Navigon is one of those companies, a trusted name in navigation.

Special Alert: the Target App is awesome!

I don’t do a lot of app reviews, for a handfull of reasons. An app has to really blow me away in order for me to give a full review of it, mainly because I cycle through app constantly. I average about $12 in apps, just to give perspective. My graveyard (you know, that list