The My Touch “What” is debuting on November 3

Our good friend David and Company over at Tmo News have scored a ninja pic of an internal email which highlights the release of the HTC MyTouch. It simply says “My Touch” though and not “My Touch HD” or “My Touch 4G”. We all know the newest version of the My Touch will have a

T-Mobile My Touch HD look but don’t touch. Expected Nov 9

T-Mobile was presenting as part of Mobile Focus at this years CTIA Enterprise and Applications conference. After the highly anticipated build up to yesterdays official G2 release date next on deck is the My Touch HD. The My Touch HD is part of T-Mobile’s franchise “My Touch” line up. Traditionally the demographic of the My

A Dual Core MyTouch HD – Fact or Fiction?

This argument is getting old. Seriously. I think I have been disassembling this story for three months now, and it keeps coming back to touch me in my sleep. Dual Core processors in an Android device, the bedtime friend of every mobile gearhead in the world, has been depressingly  dragged through the mud over and