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T-Mobile Formally Unveils Huawei myTouch and myTouch Q


T-Mobile’s budget droids [easyazon-link asin=”B00466HPZM” locale=”us”]myTouch[/easyazon-link] and myTouch Q have been refreshed. The existing lineup was refreshed merely 8 months ago with the LG made myTouch phones. This time around it is Huawei partnering with T-Mobile to bring these budget-ranged droids to the market. Both the smartphones follow closely in the footsteps of their LG predecessors but a few things are different here.

Both the devices pack a decent 4-inch display, accompanied by 5MP rear camera sensors (with LED flash) and front facing VGA snappers. The myTouch and myTouch Q run on Android 2.3 Gingerbread unfortunately, with T-Mo’s custom myTouch UI on board. The rather familiar UI will bring a tweaked app drawer and a new and improved Genius Button, seen previously on the myTouch series. In the current iteration, T-Mobile uses Dragon the voice command service. The two smartphones pack a rather decent 1.4 GHz single core CPU, though there are no details about the chipset. And yes, the device runs on T-Mobile’s 4G network. The myTouch Q has a slide out QWERTY keyboard while the myTouch is a regular touchscreen device. The myTouch Q will be available in black or white color variants while the regular myTouch will be sold in dark red or black. The devices are believed to be available on T-Mobile stores from August 8 on a two year contract for $49.99 after a $50 mail-in rebate.

“T-Mobile is committed to delivering a strong and diverse portfolio of 4G handsets that runs on our fast and dependable 4G network, including smartphones that enable people to get amazing 4G experiences at a great value,” said the company’s Senior VP of Product Management, Brad Duea.

T-Mobile has partnered with HTC and LG in the past to bring myTouch smartphones to the market. It’s Huawei this time around, and the extra screen real estate looks promising. Though we feel it’s lacking Android 4.0, it could be made available as a future update. The carrier however hasn’t mentioned any upgrade plans, so that still remains to be seen. Make sure you head over to a T-Mobile store on August 8 when the devices are expected to hit shelves.

Source: T-Mobile
Via: Phandroid

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T-Mobile Ice Cream Sandwich Updates And New Devices Leaked In Internal Document

While the carriers won’t publicly say anything until an update is ready and the manufacturers take their time letting people know what’s what, has uncovered the dates for Ice Cream Sandwich updates to some of T-Mobile’s flagship phones.

Our good friend Dave at Tmonews received an internal screen shot which clearly says when to expect Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich updates. Now remember these dates are always subject to change and this is coming from an internal document. Tmonews is typically right on with their internal documents though.

Android 4.0, Ice Cream Sandwich should come to the Samsung Galaxy S II on May 14th. Yes that’s just a couple of weeks away.

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T-Mobile’s New Huawei MyTouch Shows Up At FCC

Back in March we reported that we had heard that Chinese manufacturer Huawei was going to be the next manufacturer to have a stab at T-Mobil’e MyTouch brand. Well that’s turned into reality as at least one of the reported two Huawei MyTouch devices has made it to the FCC clearance center in Columbia Maryland.

The Huawei U8680 has found it’s way to the FCC. We’ve all seen this device referred to as one of the new T-Mobile MyTouch units. They are planning on releasing two MyTouch devices, possibly this summer, one with a keyboard and one without.

source: TmoNews

Video Review: T-Mobile MyTouch By LG

T-Mobile felt that the MyTouch series of Android smartphones needed a refresh. In a change of pace they went with LG as opposed to HTC as the ODM for the new MyTouch series devices, even though the MyTouch brand has been manufactured for T-Mobile by HTC for 5 previous versions.

We were curious about the refresh, not even 6 months after the launch of the MyTouch 4G Slide. Specifically we were curious about the MyTouch brand itself, when it first came out it was the successor to the G1 and at the time a borderline superphone. It seemed to us that the new versions were more entry level to midrange.  A T-Mobile spokesperson replied saying:

“The T-Mobile myTouch and T-Mobile myTouch Q are perfect for customers stepping up to their first smartphone and are designed to be easy to use, particularly for individuals who have previously been intimidated by the complexity of smartphones. The T-Mobile myTouch 4G Slide will continue to appeal to tech-savvy customers looking for an advanced camera experience on their smartphone.”

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T-Mobile Retiring The My Touch 4G Slide Khaki Already?

T-Mobile just released the newest installments of the  MyTouch family. MyTouch is a name T-Mobile owns. It was the follow up to the G1 and the original MyTouch phones were made by HTC, the same company that manufactured the G1.

Our friends at Tmonews have acquired an internal spread sheet from T-Mobile that shows the T-Mobile MyTouch 4G Slide on the End Of Life (EOL) list with directions to “sell through”.  Sell through means that T-Mobile store employees should sell the device in the “Khaki kit” until the stock is gone.

T-Mobile has been mum on the reason for the switch from HTC to LG for the latest MyTouch devices.  The MyTouch and MyTouch Q (with qwerty keyboard) were released earlier this week.

There are a few more Android devices on “sell through” status as well including the LG Optimus T, G-Slate, the Samsung Gravity Smart and the HTC Wildfire S.  The G-Slate was T-Mobile’s first Honeycomb tablet manufactured by LG but with T-Mobile branding.  The T-Mobile Springboard, a 7″ tablet, will be releasing soon. That tablet is manufactured by Huwaei for T-Mobile and also sports the Honeycomb Android OS.

source: Tmonews

T-Mobile Brings Out 5 New Android Devices

On Wednesday T-Mobile started selling five new Android devices. The T-Mobile Springboard tablet by Huawei was originally rumored to be part of this Android release fest but it has been pushed back.

The devices that did make it to magenta stores today are; The Samsung Exhibit II 4G, The LG Double Play, The Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, The MyTouch and the MyTouch Q.

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T-Mobile Officially Announces MyTouch and MyTouch Q

T-Mobile has added two more devices to their MyTouch line of Android phones.  This time around though, they are being manufactured by LG and not HTC.  Although we learned about this change by rumor a few months back, there was never any word as to why T-Mobile switched manufacturers for their franchise brand.

T-Mobile has announced the MyTouch and the MyTouch Q.  In a press release sent out this evening T-Mobile has positioned both new MyTouch devices as transition devices for those looking to adopt the benefits of smartphones for the first itme.

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T-Mobile MyTouch 4G Slide Just $99 At

Last year when T-Mobile introduced the MyTouch 3G Slide after the MyTouch 3G it brought a keyboard to, at the time, a great Android device however there weren’t that many other bells and whistles besides the slide out qwerty keyboard.  This year, T-Mobile is releasing the T-Mobile MyTouch 4G Slide and it’s a whole new beast of a device.

In addition to the qwerty keyboard it adds a Qualcomm dual core SnapDragon processor and a camera that’s the best camera of any smartphone to date.  The 8 megapixel camera is also said to have zero lag when moving to the next shot.  In fact the camera on the MyTouch 4G Slide may have you ditching your traditional point and shoot digital camera.

The MyTouch 4G Slide comes in two colors khaki and black.  Walmart is offering the khaki version on pre-order for just $99.99 with a new two year agreement which is $100 less than you can get it from T-Mobile directly. Getting the MyTouch4G Slide from WalMart should only take a couple more days than actually walking into a T-Mobile store to pick it up. So save yourself the trip to the T-Mobile store and save $100 in the process at

source: unwired

MyTouch 4G Free At T-Mobile

Call it preparation for the upcoming T-Mobile MyTouch 4GSlide or call it just another great Fourth of July sale but T-Mobile has marked down the My Touch 4G to nothing.

This sale is only online and only runs through Thursday but nevertheless it’s still an awesome price for a really good piece of Android hardware. Of course it’s restricted to those wanting to start a new 2 year contract on T-Mobile.

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T-Mobile Officially Announces The MyTouch 4G Slide

T-Mobile continues to push on with business as usual while everyone else is talking about their pending merger with AT&T.  Today T-Mobile announced the latest edition to their T-Mobile MyTouch line, the T-Mobile MyTouch 4G.  Over the past few weeks leaks about the T-Mobile MyTouch 4G Slide became more and more frequent.  Just prior to the announcement T-Mobile teased the world with a puzzle featuring a slide in it.

The MyTouch line is manufactured by HTC exclusively for T-Mobile and targets a broad range of T-Mobile customers.  The T-Mobile MyTouch 4G Slide brings some very cool new features to the Android based phone.

The MyTouch 4G Slide features a 3.7″ beautiful WVGA super LCD touchscreen display with Swype. There is also a slide out qwerty keyboard. Under the hood is a 1.2ghz dual core Qualcomm SnapDragon processor. Coupled with T-Mobile’s 4G network and you have the fastest MyTouch to date.

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The My Touch “What” is debuting on November 3

Our good friend David and Company over at Tmo News have scored a ninja pic of an internal email which highlights the release of the HTC MyTouch. It simply says “My Touch” though and not “My Touch HD” or “My Touch 4G”. We all know the newest version of the My Touch will have a dual processor (not dual core) and also be optimized for T-Mobile’s variant of 4G, HSPA+ however the name isn’t highlighted in this email.

The HTC Mytouch is T-Mobile’s franchise brand phone from HTC. HTC and T-Mobile just teamed up for the release of the G2, on October 6th, so less than a month later comes the new generation of MyTouch.

The Mytouch we’ve seen and played with is definitely feature rich and fast however the MyTouch brand has always seemed more family appealing and targeted to a different audience than the more rugged G2.

Will you be standing in-line for the next generation of MyTouch on November 3 or are you waiting for something else? The G2 is still a “Hot” phone.

Source: Tmonews