HTC One M9 Overheating

HTC One M9 demo unit at the MWC faces overheating warning

The HTC One M9 hasn’t exactly gotten off to a flourishing start as it has received lukewarm response so far. The smartphone has now made its way to the news cycle, but not exactly for good reasons. A demo unit of the One M9 smartphone was shown to be displaying a overheating message while running the AnTuTu

SanDisk 200GB

SanDisk unveils new 200GB microSD XC card

SanDisk has just unveiled a new 200GB microSD XC card just before the MWC event kicks off in Barcelona. There aren’t a lot of phones in the market today that can support 200GB microSD XC cards, so compatibility should be limited to devices like cameras. SanDisk mentions that this tiny 200GB microSD card will go up

HTC posts a new video teaser for the One M9

HTC is counting down to the launch of the One M9 flagship which is scheduled to take place this Sunday. And now, the Taiwanese manufacturer has just posted a new teaser video showing the words “let them stare“. This has been part of HTC’s promotional materials which were released over the past few weeks. The video starts

Sprint Galaxy S6

The Galaxy S6 will only have three Samsung apps pre-installed

It was rumored that Samsung will cut down on the number of apps that are bundled with the Galaxy S6. A new revelation from today confirms this with the Korean manufacturer only expected to showcase applications like Galaxy Apps, S Voice as well as S Health. The S Health app is necessary given the health

Xperia Z4 Tablet

Sony Xperia Z4 Tablet inadvertently revealed by Sony

The Sony Xperia Z4 Tablet was virtually unknown up until now, but thanks to a revelation made by Sony’s Xperia Lounge app, we now know that the device will break cover at the MWC 2015 event next week. This will be Sony’s second tablet within a span of six months after the Japanese manufacturer unveiled

Galaxy S6 Edge AT&T

AT&T’s Galaxy S6 Edge teaser mentions at a Spring launch

Earlier today, we saw T-Mobile putting up a pre-registration page for the Samsung Galaxy S6. And now, it’s AT&T’s turn to follow with a very similar looking teaser, but with the display being blue here (instead of the magenta on T-Mobile’s teaser). The carrier mentions that the smartphone will be available for purchase in Spring 2015.

LG - Magna, Spirit, Leon, JOy

LG unveils Magna, Spirit, Leon and Joy smartphones

Although LG might not have any flagship offerings to show off at next week’s MWC 2015 event, the company has revealed a flurry of midrange devices which will be showcased in Barcelona. Known as the Magna, Spirit, Leon and Joy, these smartphones will be launched in markets of Asia and Europe initially. The company is

Lenovo Vibe Max leaks out ahead of MWC unveiling

Only a couple of days ago, we saw Lenovo unveiling the Vibe Shot handset with a 16-megapixel camera and OIS technology built in. It seems like that’s not all that Lenovo had to show off at the MWC in Barcelona. The company’s Vibe Max smartphone has started making its way to the news cycle, hinting

MWC 2015 preview – Samsung vs. HTC for the heavyweight title

Despite Sony and LG’s best efforts, the 2014 Mobile World Congress was the classic one-man show scenario. Samsung came to Barcelona, saw what the competition had to exhibit, scoffed and conquered the event. The Galaxy S5 quickly fulfilled its destiny, and sold in tens of millions of units, although ultimately, it came short of breaking

LG G4 rumor roundup and preview – the next big thing or next best thing?

Yes, it’s a little early to put LG G3’s hotly anticipated sequel under the microscope, what with the Korean manufacturer recently confirming the G4 isn’t headed for a Mobile World Congress introduction next month. LG looked outright frantic when it echoed the “delay” compared to rumored timelines, stressing a Q2 itinerary following the direction set

Lenovo Vibe Z3 Pro

Lenovo’s Vibe Z3 Pro smartphone caught on camera

A new 2K display smartphone from Lenovo has been spotted on the wild known as the Vibe Z3 Pro. The smartphone you see above is reportedly a successor to the Vibe Z2 Pro from last year, which was the company’s first handset to sport a Quad HD or 2K display. The Vibe Z3 Pro will reportedly