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Rok Mobile MVNO officially launches today with an invite only plan

Rok Mobile, which is a music oriented mobile MVNO has officially started operations today with an invite only system in place. In addition to offering users data, calls and texts, Rok Mobile will also provide access to over 20 million music tracks. The plan offered by Rok costs $49.99 per month with unlimited data, text and

Will WiFi calling ever be enough?

In recent weeks, MVNOs have been in the limelight, due to marketing efforts by their brands and parent networks. Mobile virtual network operators — companies that offer their own brand of mobile service, while running over the networks of the more established carriers — are meant to offer a differentiated product, compared with the bigger

Free Facebook: A smart way for carriers to promote data usage

A big chunk of mobile usage today involves instant messaging or chat, as well as social networking. On average, users spend 65 percent of their social networking on mobile devices, according to ComScore. Facebook itself says that 78 percent of its users access the social network on mobile devices. This makes sense. After all, social