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Google Play Music All Access coming to Europe

After Google I/O, many Europeans were disappointed they would probably never see any of the new features for another few months, with Google sticking to its policy of being as slow as possible with worldwide updates. Google Play Music All Access was revealed as the new music subscription service, for $9.99 users were able to


iTunes Radio announced at WWDC, free with iAds

Apple finally revealed iTunes Radio at the WWDC keynote event, the new streaming music service will be coming with iOS7 and features all the artists from iTunes. iTunes Radio is built into the iOS7 Music app and is free to all users with iAds. Any users with an iTunes Match account will get iTunes Radio

Apple may announce free iRadio with iAds at WWDC

Apple could be making a big leap in the music streaming universe with iRadio, with the possibility of a free service backed by iAds. This does seem quite unusual for Apple, a company who take pride in overpricing for the luxury. However, Apple have reportedly met with all three big music labels and sold their

Beats Audio Will Launch a Music Streaming Service in Late 2013

The evolution of technology has gotten us far ahead. One such evolution is in terms of music and how we handle it. Today with the digitalization of music, users don’t really have to walk into a store and purchase a physical disc to listen to his/her favorite album. In the current era have something known

Slacker Radio’s HUGE update

This has been a long time coming, way back in September, myself, Kyle (TDG), RussellHolly, Aaron BuckNAH, and Aaron Kasten all went to NYC to a press event.  If I remember correctly there were 75+ vendors showing that day.  In the middle of the show floor was the Slacker booth.  After a lot of walking,