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SXSW: Rdio Revamps Has Eyes Set On Spotify?

On Tuesday at South By Southwest Interactive Rdio introduced and announced new features to both their web based and mobile apps. The features include drag and drop playlist creation, more personalization and private playlists.

They’ve also made Rdio more social by allowing users to view music, playlists and other user’s networks. Now all users can see what other users are listening to from the new people side bar.  All you have to do is hover over album art and you can see who in your network is listening to it. Likewise, you can elect to not share that information.

Rdio expects the new features to roll out soon to all devices however those with the unlimited subscription are ready to rock now.

Android Music A Personal Soundtrack (Music App Recomendations)

Best Music Apps for Droid
by: Sean McPherson, Guest Contributor

As an Android user, I have to admit that I envy the iPod/ iTunes way of doing things. I’ve been
making due with my simple, unassuming Android Music Player for a while, secretly suspecting
that there was so much more that could be done.

Thus, the quest for five music apps for my Droid. The goal seemed simple; a better player,
maybe an Internet radio app, a platform to bring order to the chaos of my existing music
collection, and hopefully a window on the world of new musical discoveries.

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iHeartRadio Comes To Xbox 360

Clear Channel radios immensely popular iHeartRadio app is now available on the Xbox 360. The new Xbox version allows the user to control iHeartRadio using their hand or voice via Kinect or through a traditional controller.

iHeartRadio recently announced a partnership with Cumulus broadcasting that gives iHeartRadio listeners nearly 1000 terrestrial radio stations to choose from as well as custom programmed content specifically for the app.

iHeartRadio also has full customization available that they bill as “like Pandora”.

“We’re excited about the debut of THE NEW iHEARTRADIO on XBOX 360 and to bring this first-of-its-kind experience to our iHEARTRADIO listeners,” said CLEAR CHANNEL DIGITAL Pres. BRIAN LAKAMP. “This is another example of how we are committed to offering personal music experiences wherever our listeners are.”

iHeartRadio has been on both Apple’s iOS App Store and the Android Market for over two years.

source: Allaccess

More Record Label Sharks Circling Around GrooveShark

Escape Media Group’s Groove Shark, a very popular mobile app for music sharing and discovery, was faced with a lawsuit from Universal Music Group last month. Today it’s been revealed that Sony Music Entertainment and Warner Music Group are preparing to join the suit.

Grooveshark isn’t an off the cuff piracy underground run by a arrogant kid like Sean Parker, dodging record labels left and right. They’ve actually carved out a nice business with loyal users and a loyal following. In fact companies as large as Mercedez Benz are part of Grooveshark’s advertising roster.

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DJ’s, UberHype Brings The Hype Machine To Android Phones

If you’re a dj, and I mean a real DJ with residencies, tours, remix projects etc than I’m sure you know about the value of the Hype Machine at Don’t get me wrong soundcloud and other sharing sites are great but when you’re looking for that one thing for your set, that one thing that had you going to Upstairs in Brooklyn or 12″ Dance Records in DC, chances are you’re finding it on Hype Machine.

Well there’s great news coming out of Boston Massachusetts as the fine development team at Dirty Water Labs has unleashed UberHype to the Android Market.

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