galaxy note 2 multi window

Apps Won’t Open in Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Multi Window

One reader asked us, “Hi, I am having problem activating apps under my Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Multi Window feature. Is there a way to fix it?” How to Activate Galaxy Note 2 Multi Window First, confirm if the feature is active in your phone, or try to toggle the function off and on to

Galaxy S3 Mobile Data Problems After 4.4 Update

Enabling the Galaxy S3 Multi Window Feature

Recently, we received a message in The Droid Guy Mailbag from Heather regarding the Samsung Galaxy S3 multi window feature. The message reads: “Hi Droid Guy, I bought a Samsung Galaxy S3 from Metro PCS here in Texas. It shows that I am current in my software updates, and I am on the Android 4.1.2

galaxy s3 multi window

How to Enable Multiview in Samsung Galaxy S3

Recently, we have received this question from one of our avid readers: “I did not know that the Samsung Galaxy S3 had a multi screen. How do I get it to work? Please provide me the step-by-step details on how to do it.” How to Enable the Samsung Galaxy S3 Multiview Feature The multi screen

galaxy s3 multi window

Galaxy S3 Multi-Window Problem

The multi-window function Samsung Galaxy S3 is definitely one of the most useful features of the device. It enables its user to perform multiple tasks at the same time using split screen. However, some users seem to have found problems in that particular feature. Here is a problem related to us by one sender in

Falcon Pro Updated With Multi Window Support

As Falcon Pro for Twitter begins picking up steam on the Google Play Store, the developers are constantly striving to improve the app. That said, a new update is available for users to download. The new update brings a new “light” theme to the app. Best of all, multi window support has been added! If

Samsung Announces Premium Suite For Galaxy S III Smartphones

Samsung is known for the uniqueness that it adds to its smartphones especially when it comes to apps. The company took it all a step ahead with the announcement of the Galaxy S III. It further upped the ante with the Galaxy Note II with features like pop-up browser and multi window, which were more