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GE40 Gaming Notebook Unveiled by MSI

Ultrabooks are most popular these days. MSI (Micro-Star International) has made it official that they are bringing something never experienced before in the market. They say that it will be perfect combination of portability and deadly gaming capability. Considering that it is an Ultrabook therefore there will be no compromise on the weight. The machine

MSI Introduces Enjoy 71 Budget Android Tablet

There seems to be a huge market for budget friendly entry level tablets as manufacturers have announced various models for this segment. MSI is also interested in this market as they recently released their Enjoy 71 Android tablet which retails for approximately $172 in Taiwan. Its price point makes it even cheaper than the Nexus

MSI announces the first Windows 8 certified AIO PCs

Microsoft recently set loose the RTM version of its next gen operating system, the Windows 8, to manufacturers. “This means we’ve completed the product development and testing of the product and have started handing off the final code to our OEM partners,” said Microsoft’s communications manager Brandon LeBlanc. “They can now begin preparing new Windows 8

MSI Shows Off Upcoming Tablets

This week the Taiwan based company, Micro-Star International showed off two new Android tablets during Computex. Both of this devices look as if they are much more lustrous than the WindPad Tablet that was launched in the past by the company.