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Mozilla to cease Firefox OS support for phones from May 2016

Given that #Mozilla OS has barely been successful in the mobile industry, the company has decided to take a big step going forward. Mozilla has announced that it will stop supporting phones with Mozilla OS starting May 2016, which suggests that there are only a couple of months before users with Mozilla OS phones are

Firefox 29 Beta Lets Web Apps Run As Native Android Apps

Those familiar with the Firefox browser for Android know that it is possible to install web apps on a device from the Firefox Marketplace. This isn’t the regular installation process though as a shortcut of the web app will appear on the home screen and clicking on it will launch the app in a browser

Mozilla Reveals Firefox Launcher For Android

Mozilla already has a presence in the Android ecosystem via its Firefox browser however the company wants to expand this further by offering a home screen launcher. During the InContext Conference held at Terra, San Francisco, Mozilla and EverythingMe revealed an early version of an Android launcher which is called the Firefox Launcher. The launcher

Geeksphone Revolution Specs Revealed

Last month Spanish smartphone maker Geeksphone teased an upcoming device called the Geeksphone Revolution that is reportedly capable of running Android or Firefox OS. Back then little information was revealed regarding it with only the teaser message “The revolution is coming. Stay tuned” announced. The company has now provided additional details about this upcoming device

Foxconn And Mozilla To Unveil New Firefox OS Device On June 3

The latest partner of Mozilla in making Firefox OS devices is none other than Foxconn. The company which is popularly known for making Apple devices is set to unveil this coming June 3 a new Firefox powered device which is also the date when its partnership with Mozilla becomes official. A press conference is being

Samsung and Mozilla Partner up for a Next Generation Browser

You must admit, the partnership of Mozilla and Samsung is kind of odd, but it is happening.  Today, Mozilla announced that it is collaborating with Samsung to make a next-generation browser engine Servo.  Mozilla says that its researchers have been working on the Servo projects since 2012 but it is still very far from becoming

Sony to run new OS from Mozilla in its future releases

Sony is inching away from an already full Android market to collaborate with Mozilla and Telephonica to come up with new cost effective smart phones that run on an operating system that is not Windows or Android based yet still offers all the functionality of these popular operating systems. Mozilla’s new Firefox OS for touch

How To Run Firefox OS On Sony Xperia E

We all know that mobile devices running on Mozilla’s Firefox OS will soon be hitting the market. Several device manufacturers have already signified their intent in using this new platform.  Sony has even announced that they have partnered with Telefonica to come up with Firefox powered devices as early as next year. You don’t have

Sony To Release Firefox OS Devices By 2014

With several major manufacturers such as LG and Huawei already committed in releasing Firefox OS devices Sony is also jumping into the bandwagon. The company announced today that they too will be releasing devices running on this HTML5 based OS as early as 2014. Sony and Telefonica (which owns O2 in the UK) have partnered

[MWC 2013] Day 0 Highlights

The first day of the MWC (Mobile World Congress) 2013 was pretty exciting as some of the major manufacturers and developers showcased of their upcoming products. The second day is expected to even get better with Nokia, Asus and ZTE scheduled to make announcements. One particular company to look out for is Nokia’s announcement of

ZTE, Alcatel, Huawei, and LG to make Firefox OS phones

Firefox is a great browser and Mozilla had recently announced its plans for Firefox OS. Firefox OS is a very interesting concept and Mozilla has just revealed that four phone makers will be manufacturing devices which will be running brand new HTML5-based Firefox OS. The manufacturers include some of the best names in industry, including

Mozilla announces Firefox OS developer preview phone

Mozilla had previously announced Firefox OS in February, 2012. It’s an all new smartphone OS from Mozilla, and as the name itself suggests, it’s a HTML5 based operating system. It has been built entirely using open standards and in this OS, a developer can make the phone do things such as call and vibrate, all

Mozilla Updates Firefox For Android, Now Supports Older Hardware

Mozilla has just rolled out an important update to the Firefox browser on Android. While most users might not see a big change in the use of the app, this new update does bring good news for relatively older smartphones. The browser which only worked on ARMv7 based processors in the past, now supports processors

Firefox Beta For Android Supports ARMv6-Based Devices

Mozilla has come up with a new strategy to bring the Firefox browser on more phones: it will try to offer the browser for phones that come with earlier hardware. This is a response to the problem of not having the browser pre-loaded on new handsets shipping out today and therefore not having Firefox on