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Motorola Denies Rumored Moto X July 11 Event

A couple of hours ago, many blogs and websites reported that Google and Motorola had booked an event for July 11th and enthusiasts and ‘experts’ quickly went ahead to predict that Motorola, owned by Google, was going to finally unveil the much anticipated Motorola X Phone.  Rumors of the Moto X have been dominating the

Possible Sprint X Phone Motorola XT1056 Stops at the FCC

There has been a lot of talk about a possible non-nexus Android smartphone initially a project by Google and Motorola but later abandoned by Google for Motorola called X Phone and the rumors keep surfacing every day.  The newest rumor, which is the closest to the truth the stories about the X Phone it has

[Rumor]: Google Abandons the X Phone Project

Just as excitement was building up that Google, via Motorola, were creating a one-of-a-kind user-focused smartphone dubbed the Google X Phone, reports are emerging that the Silicon valley internet giant may have abandoned the project according to Sun Chang Xu, a Chinese technology analyst.  The rumor that Google may have given up on X Phone

Google X Phone Rumored to Launch in August on AT&T

Just yesterday, I wrote on a rumor I picked up somewhere about the rumored Google Phone X.  In the story, it is rumored that the phone, which is Google’s next smartphone project phone made by Motorola (you can read it here), is one step closer to being real after some benchmark test results surfaced in

Google X Phone to come in more than 20 color options

  New rumors have surfaced the internet on the much awaited Motorola X phone. According to Motorola sources at phone arena, Google X phone will have plenty of color options and by plenty, I mean more than 20. This would mean that you could get your favorite smartphone in practically any color you like. Having

Motorola X Phone image and specs reportedly leak out

A blurry image, as well as a list of specifications of the rumored Motorola X Phone have supposedly been leaked. The photo and specs come from a German website called Android World which cites an anonymous source as the informant. Reportedly, the upcoming Motorola smartphone will sport a 4.7-inch full 1080p HD display, which, one