Motorola Moto X Review Roundup

A lot of (virtual) ink is currently being spilled by the online media in regards to the Motorola Moto X, the newly unveiled smartphone that some consider to be the start of a new era for Android, while others, and I quote, “the underwhelming cure that Apple may have been looking for”. As usual, I

Some Moto X Specs Revealed

Fresh off the news that Motorola will reveal the Moto X on August 1st, The Verge has found a source with details on the specs. According to them, their source used a CDMA variant, which means it will be out for either Verizon, Sprint, or both, including the rumored GSM versions for AT&T and T-Mobile.

Moto X to be Unveiled August 1st in New York

Finally, after weeks of rumors, leaks and speculation, Google has revealed that the Motorola ‘Moto’ X phone that promises to change the smartphone market forever will be unveiled on August 1st in New York.  Mark your calendars and set reminders people, this is just 12 days away!  This will be a few days after Google’s

Motorola Denies Rumored Moto X July 11 Event

A couple of hours ago, many blogs and websites reported that Google and Motorola had booked an event for July 11th and enthusiasts and ‘experts’ quickly went ahead to predict that Motorola, owned by Google, was going to finally unveil the much anticipated Motorola X Phone.  Rumors of the Moto X have been dominating the

Motorola X Front Fascia Leak Reveals More Features

Details of Motorola’s next smartphone have been leaking, one spec at a time, for weeks now.  Earlier today, we learnt that the phone will be launched in Canada ‘soon’ and will be carried exclusively by Rogers and while almost everything important about the phone is still a mystery, we now know that it indeed is