Top 9 Android Smartphones With Physical QWERTY Keyboards

Phones with QWERTY keyboards haven’t been super popular in years. These types of phones were more popular when the original Palm Pilots were around, as well as when BlackBerry was in its prime. Today, however, you don’t see them much anymore, except for maybe a few small cases. However, they’re still being made quite often,

Motorola Photon Q Available For $200 With Two-Year Contract

There has been a whole lot of talk about Sprint’s upcoming LTE QWERTY, the Motrola Photon Q, for quite a while now, and it is officially here. As of just yesterday, you’ll be able to walk into your local Sprint store and purchase this “green machine with the power of Android” for a very low

Motorola Photon Q 4G LTE to Come to Sprint soon

Besides Verizon’s rumored Pantech Star Q 4G LTE rumored to come soon, we have not seen any high end smartphones with a physical QWERTY keyboard lately.  Many people still want these phones, and at the same time they want high performance phones with the new features of the Android mobile operating system.  Motorola appears to

Motorola Photon Q with QWERTY keypad coming to Sprint

Motorola is known for its awesome QWERTY smart phones running Google’s Android operating system. The company is very much interested in bringing out awesome smart phones for physical slide out QWERTY key pads for those who love messaging a lot. These physical keyboards are a lot better than when you are typing a lot. And