Motorola X Front Fascia Leak Reveals More Features

Details of Motorola’s next smartphone have been leaking, one spec at a time, for weeks now.  Earlier today, we learnt that the phone will be launched in Canada ‘soon’ and will be carried exclusively by Rogers and while almost everything important about the phone is still a mystery, we now know that it indeed is

Most Anticipated Goodies We Should See at Google I/O 2013

Google’s I/O registration page went live a couple of days ago, and we now know that registration for this annual event will kick off next month on 13th.  If you are abreast with the developments in the technology field, especially Google’s and other conferences, you will know that the Google I/O is not cheap, but

Motorola X Phone: Features to Look Forward to

Since Motorola was taken over by Google, there have been many changes, most of them positive, that have helped boost the image of the company and put it back on the map.  One of the most notable achievements of Motorola of late when it comes to smartphone is the release of the Motorola Droid Maxx