Motorola Moto X 2015 preview and rumor roundup

It’s high time Motorola stepped up its game and stopped catering merely to cash-strapped audiences or power users on Verizon. That’s not only our view, and everyone else’s in love with the company’s unique designs, dedication to customization or stock, clean as a whistle Android. Lenovo’s big cats, including CEO Yang Yuanqing himself, have recently

Moto X Problems, Questions, Solutions and Answers [Part 1]

Motorola‘s Moto X maybe one of the best smartphones released in 2013 but it is not free of problems. That is why we will extend our support and include the device in our list. This post is apparently the first of our Moto X Problems and Solutions series and I can assure you there will

Moto X officially announced for Europe, launches in February

Motorola has announced that it will be bringing the Moto X to Europe, confirming the speculation that ran rampant when the company sent out press invites for a new phone recently. The flagship smartphone will be available for purchase in February in the UK, France and Germany, with French carrier SFR calling dibs on exclusivity for

Motorola Moto X Review Roundup

A lot of (virtual) ink is currently being spilled by the online media in regards to the Motorola Moto X, the newly unveiled smartphone that some consider to be the start of a new era for Android, while others, and I quote, “the underwhelming cure that Apple may have been looking for”. As usual, I

Moto X will not allow for hardware customization

It turns out that consumers will not have that much freedom over the Moto X smartphone, after all. Yesterday, Motorola’s first ad for the upcoming smartphone hinted that the device will permit users to design their very own device. This fuelled some previous rumors that the Google-owned company would let consumers pick out some features