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Rick Osterloh is the new COO and President of Motorola Mobility

Motorola’s Dennis Woodside recently left the company to join Dropbox leaving an open vacancy for a new President. And the company’s little known executive Rick Osterloh has filled his spot now until the Lenovo acquisition goes through. Osterloh is a known company man, so Motorola has saved itself the trouble from hunting for a new

Google X Phone to come in more than 20 color options

  New rumors have surfaced the internet on the much awaited Motorola X phone. According to Motorola sources at phone arena, Google X phone will have plenty of color options and by plenty, I mean more than 20. This would mean that you could get your favorite smartphone in practically any color you like. Having

Flextronics acquires Motorola bases in China and Brazil

To turn Motorola Mobility into a profitable state, Google aggressively streamlined 20 percent of its workforce and one-third of its offices and it still continues its cost cutting drive. One of the most recent developments is that Motorola Mobility has already closed a deal with a Singaporean-based company, Flextronics, selling its bases in China and

Google’s Motorola Files New Case Against Apple at ITC

Motorola Mobility filed an infringement case anew against Apple over some of the features of the latter’s devices including the Siri voice-recognition program. In a statement, Google’s newly acquired company said that Apple was unwilling to work out a license leaving them without a choice but to file a complaint to defend their innovations. There

Motorola Lays Off 700 Workers in the U.S., 4000 Worldwide

Motorola Mobility is reportedly laying-off more than 20% of workforce in Chicago and Libertyville areas lately. A total of 700 workers will be sent home, bringing along their last pay. Prior to this, pertinent rumors spread in the past few weeks telling that Google Inc., which bought the entire company for $12.4 billion in May,

Google is Quiet on Motorola

While they did mention the world that they acquired Motorola Mobility back in August for $12.5 billion, Google has been surprisingly quiet about their plans post the acquisition. While revenues and profitability seems to be going only one direction for the search giant, with numbers such as 11% profitability increase, everybody was expecting some updates

Apple Files Complaint Against Motorola With European Union Authority

Motorola has reported in a regulatory filing filed Friday, that Apple has filed a complaint with the European Union’s competition authority. The complaint alleges that Motorola Mobility is violating a pledge to license industry standard patents on fair terms. Because of Motorola’s years of manufacturing cell phones they hold a treasure trove of patents related

Motorola Reports Q4 2011: Sold 1 Million Android Tablets

It’s been a big week for quarterly results. We’ve heard from Verizon, Apple, and AT&T just to name a few. Motorola Mobility also reported their Q4 2011 earnings today.  Motorola also recapped their entire 2011 year. In 2011 Motorola Mobility’s total net revenue was $13.1 billion which was up 14 percent over 2010. Net earnings

Motorola Mobility Stockholders Approve Google Merger

Motorola Mobility held a special stockholders meeting today to vote on the merger agreement between Google and Motorola Mobility (NYSE MMI). Stockholders of record as of October 11, 2011 were invited to the special meeting held in California for the vote. An overwhelming 99% of the shares voting at the special meeting voted in favor

Breaking: Motorola Mobility Wins Injunction Against Apple In Germany

FOSS Patents is reporting that they have received what looks to be an authentic ruling from the German courts awarding Motorola Mobility an injunction against Apple in Germany.  He adds this statement in response to the leak: Should the document that I received be a hoax, it would be an incredibly sophisticated one. It’s hard

Guide To The Motorola XPRT On Sprint, Quick Video

The recently released Motorola Xprt combines your personal life and your business life on one great device. It’s also the first “World” Android device on the Sprint Now Network. Although the Motorola XPRT looks a lot like the Droid Pro on Verizon Wireless, it was built upon the same foundation and then improved.  The Motorola

VIDEO: Quick Look At The Motorola Photon 4G On Sprint

Sprint and Motorola summoned the Android and mobile media to a special press luncheon event in Manhattan today. Sprint’s CEO Dan Hesse and Motorola Mobility’s CEO Sanjay Jha took the stage together to unveil two new Android devices. The first device presented was the Motorola Photon 4G, Sprint’s “Atrix” variant.  The other was the Motorola