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Motorola DVX

New Specs and Pricing Details of Motorola DVX Emerge

We first (reliably) heard of Motorola DVX back in June when it emerged that Motorola would make a cheaper version of Moto X for emerging markets.  Since then, many a rumor has come up touting all kind of information about the device including its images when it stopped by FCC and a report on what the

Motorola DVX

Motorola DVX spotted yet again in FCC filing with new pictures

The Motorola DVX is slated to be the low cost variant of the Moto X smartphone, catered towards Asian and European markets. We’ve heard quite a lot about this smartphone from numerous leaks, so we know a thing or two about it. The smartphone has now knocked on FCC’s doors again and has some pictures

Republic Wireless May Launch Motorola DVX in October

Just a few days after getting the Moto X for $300 (to be released in November), pre-paid provider Republic Wireless seems to be getting another phone soon. This particular model is purportedly called the Motorola DVX, which will be even cheaper than the Moto X possible at sub-$200 prices. Obviously, you have to cut corners

Motorola DVX

Motorola DVX makes its way to the FCC

The Motorola DVX also known as the low cost Moto X, has been spotted at the FCC with all the traditional markings required for a certification. The filing reveals three devices known as the XT1032, XT1033, and XT1035, which could well be variants of the low cost Moto X for emerging markets. A user on