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AT&T Now Offering Pre-Orders Of The New Moto X

  Motorola themselves won’t be selling the new Moto X until later today at 11 AM EST, but AT&T has decided to do an overnight release instead. Curiously, they are referring the phone as the Moto X2, instead of just Moto X. They aren’t saying why, but it’s probably easier for them to tell customers which

Moto X+1 or Droid Ultra sequel? Motorola XT912A surfaces with Snapdragon 800

It’s no secret Motorola means business in spite of an impending Lenovo acquisition with still hard to guess ramifications, as an eclectic blend of ultra-affordable Moto devices and high-enders have been tipped of late for 2014 introductions. The leathery X+1, LTE-enabled G and dirt-cheap E are among these forthcoming potential box-office hits, with Droid Ultra,


Motorola claims the Moto X successor is coming this Summer

Earlier today, we spoke of Motorola working on the Quark X device which seemed like the company’s upcoming flagship smartphone, maybe even the Moto X successor. Motorola has now mentioned that we can expect the Moto X successor to hit the markets by this summer, which is a tad earlier than the rumored arrival date. This comes