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Motorola dropping the Moto X+1 moniker?

We’ve been speculating about the launch and hardware of the Moto X successor for quite a few months now. And all this while, we were under the impression that the device would be known as the Moto X+1. However, a leaked Verizon document contradicts this theory by mentioning the upcoming Motorola flagship as the “The new

Moto X+1 Back

Possible Moto X successor spotted in benchmark listing

The Moto X+1 has made innumerable appearances in leaks before and here it is again. This time coming courtesy of a benchmark listing, showing the chipset that’s being used as well as the overall single and multi-core scores. This device has the model number XT1097, which is obviously related to the Verizon Droid smartphone with the

Moto X+1 Back

Pre production variant of the Moto X+1 spotted in images

The Moto X+1 appears to be nearing launch with leaks increasing in frequency. And a series of new images sent to the folks over at Android Police has revealed what could possibly be an early pre production prototype of the handset. It’s clear that Motorola has drastically changed the design from the Moto X with

Motorola Phablet

New leak reveals possible Motorola phablet

We’ve been hearing reports about the Moto X+1 and some of its hardware features. But this new video leak might be our best look of the device yet, as it is caught posing next to the Nexus 5. This handset can be considered a phablet as it is visibly larger than any Motorola smartphone we’ve

Moto X+1

New leak sheds light on the Moto X+1 hardware

A Brazilian retailer has revealed the possible specs sheet of the Moto X+1 smartphone. This appears to be a credible source which also got information on the Moto E before its launch a couple of months ago. According to the retailer, the smartphone will feature a 5.2 inch 1080p display as rumored earlier accompanied by

Moto X+1

Alleged prototype of the Moto X+1 caught next to the Moto 360

The Moto +1 smartphone has been constantly making its way to the rumor mill over the past few months. The latest leak comes from Google I/O where an image of a mystery Motorola smartphone has been caught posing alongside the Moto 360 smartwatch. Since the Moto 360 is visible from the image, it wouldn’t be wrong

Moto X+1 Render Leaks Hours Before Google I/O

We’re only hours away from the kickoff of Google I/O with the keynote at 9 AM PDT, but leaks always happen last minute. According to 9to5Google, these images are of a press render of the Moto X+1. Also according to them, the device might be unveiled during the keynote. Perhaps its a device Google plans to give away

Moto X+1

Image and alleged specs sheet of the Moto X+1 leaks out

The Moto X+1 has made sparing appearances in leaks over the course of the months, but this new revelation gives us a better idea of Motorola’s upcoming handset. We’re not getting a full look of the smartphone, but enough to tell us that it will have slightly rounded edges compared to the Moto X. The specs sheet

Moto X+1 Front Panel

Alleged front panel of the Moto X+1 leaks out

The Moto X+1 is supposed to launch later this year as a successor to the widely popular Moto X. A couple of days ago, we saw the smartphone leaking out in public with a thick outer casing to keep it hidden. However, a new leak is now giving us a clearer view of the device from what

Motorola Leak

Could this be Motorola’s upcoming flagship handset?

A new leak has shown us what could well be Motorola’s upcoming flagship smartphone, which has been making the rounds so far as the Moto X+1. Although the image is quite blurry, we can ascertain that this is a new device enclosed in a protective covering, which is usually the case when manufacturers don’t want to