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Moto X available now on US Cellular for $124.99

  The Moto X is starting to see price cuts across the board, with this early push to get as many units sold before the Moto Maker is available on all carriers, not just AT&T. US Cellular has started selling the Moto X at $124.99 on a two year contract – this is a $75

Motorola CEO Dennis Woodside defends Moto X performance

Motorola CEO Dennis Woodside has once again defended the Moto X price point and performance, stating that the company worked on the performance where it was important to average customers, who do not understand specs sheets and CPU clock speeds. Woodside says Motorola made different choices against its competitors, siding with a dual-core Snapdragon S4

Moto X to be Unveiled August 1st in New York

Finally, after weeks of rumors, leaks and speculation, Google has revealed that the Motorola ‘Moto’ X phone that promises to change the smartphone market forever will be unveiled on August 1st in New York.  Mark your calendars and set reminders people, this is just 12 days away!  This will be a few days after Google’s