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Purported Motorola Moto X Phone image surfaces

A new leak possibly offers a new glimpse at the upcoming Motorola Moto X Phone. The leak is a photo of the handset’s front panel, showing “Not for sale” and “Motorola confidential property” labels. Phonearena was the first to publish the image, which the blog reportedly received from an anonymous tipster. According to their source,


Moto X prepped to launch on August 1

An upcoming ad campaign spotted on Behance could show a big change in Motorola, in preparation for the Moto X phone, what CEO Dennis Woodside said would be the first full collaboration between Google and Motorola since the acquisition. The ads detail the end to Motorola, with the words ‘Good Bye Moto’ on big screen prints. Set to


Google could reveal Key Lime Pie in October

iOS7 has stepped the game up, while Android fans will still claim superiority in the mobile race, it has placed a bigger question on what Google will bring with the new software upgrade. While it is still suggested Android 4.3 will come soon, Key Lime Pie, the next large upgrade by Google, is cited for