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Moto X off contract price


Republic Wireless preparing to launch Moto X for $299 off contract

Republic Wireless is still taking potshot at US carriers, with a cheap no-contract service similar to what WIND Mobile and other small Canadian carriers offer, it has yet to fully be realised by Americans. This may all change with their newest announcement, the Moto X launch on Republic Wireless. After a Reddit users spotted some


Moto X launches on AT&T for $199.99, Moto Maker coming soon

AT&T has released the Moto X on their carrier service for $199.99 on a two year contract. Currently, the Moto Maker tool is unavailable but will be available in some kiosks at AT&T stores starting today. The Moto X is currently only available at AT&T, with the three other major carriers not releasing the smartphone,


Best Buy selling Moto X off contract for $699

The Moto X off contract price has been debated, with some saying Motorola will go all in and offer the phone to users for $400 off contract. It seems this will not be the case, with AT&T setting the price at $575 and Best Buy offering the phone for $699. Best Buy’s price does seem