Best refurbished Android smartphones available today

Not everyone can afford the newest, hottest, speediest gadgets on offer today. Especially when manufacturers put so much pressure on the everyday consumer to upgrade yearly, sometimes even more than once within 12 months. We say it’s okay to own yesteryear’s Android flagships, and going refurbished is often a wise choice if you can’t or

Moto X 2016

New 2016 Moto flagship leaked, could this be the revived Moto X?

The #MotoX lineup, as we all know, has been shelved by the company. This decision was taken after the #Lenovo acquisition of Motorola Mobility, with the company wanting to take a different direction. This is where the #MotoZ comes into the picture, which is the company’s currently available flagship offering. But according to a new

[Deal] Verizon Moto X (1st gen) for $79.95

The original Moto X, the one that started it all for #Motorola, is now available on eBay for just $79.95. We must admit, the smartphone is not a frequent on the deals page, so it’s come as a bit of a surprise really, but a good one nevertheless. The handset is locked to work with

[Deal] Unlocked 2nd gen Moto X for $144.99

The 2014 #MotoX is a forgotten device at this point. However, it’s still a decent device if offered at a good price. An eBay retailer is offering just that as the device is selling for $144.99. The handset is in “New other” condition, which means that it might be shipped in an open box (unsealed)

[Deal] $50 off on all models of the Moto X Pure Edition

The #MotoXPureEdition is selling with a $50 off from Amazon. Those lurking Amazon’s deals page would know that this listing has been up for quite some time now, so Moto might as well reduce its price by $50 permanently. This basically means that the 16/32 and 64GB models now cost $299, $349 and $399 respectively. That’s

Moto X Football Leather

[Deal] 16GB 2014 Moto X for $159.99

The 2014 #MotoX was the last of its kind, with #Motorola going with the #MotoXStyle for 2015. If you want to get in on some nostalgia or simply want to get a pretty good flagship for a reasonable price, you should have a look over at eBay. A retailer there is offering the 2014 Moto

[Deal] 2014 Moto X (16GB) for $159.99

The 2014 #MotoX is still rated as one of the best #Motorola handsets to have launched. However, it’s been a year and a half since its release and the demand for the device has obviously dimmed down a notch. What that means is that deal hunters like us get to find amazing prices on the

Moto X Pure Edition

[Deal] 32GB Moto X Pure Edition for $349.99

Amazon has now waived $50 off the 32GB #MotoXPureEdition, bringing the cost down to just $349.99. This means that the device is now on par with the 16GB variant. Last week, we saw the 64GB Moto X Pure Edition going for $399.99, so this deal is quite similar to that one. It’s not known as

[Deal] 32GB Moto X Pure Edition for $374.99

A nifty deal over at Amazon is offering the #MotoXPureEdition in a 32GB avatar for just $374.99. This is a pretty impressive deal on a smartphone that is supposed to be Motorola’s flagship offering from 2015. What’s even better is that the device comes with a microSD card slot, which means the storage shouldn’t be a concern for

Moto X Pure Edition

[Deal] 64GB unlocked Moto X Pure Edition for $399.99

The #MotoX Pure Edition a.k.a the Moto X Style is a pretty capable offering and comes with a flagship level hardware underneath. The smartphone can now be snatched up for just $399.99 courtesy of a new deal over at eBay. This is the American version of the handset and not an import, which means you’re

[Deal] 2nd gen Moto X for $242.99 on eBay

The 2nd generation #MotoX is now on offer via eBay/Best Buy for just $242.99. The smartphone offered here has 16GB of storage underneath and also includes 4G LTE support via all GSM networks in the U.S. The deal is originally from Best Buy, which also means that the retailer’s official eBay page has the smartphone

[Deal] 16GB Moto X from Verizon now available for $84.95

The #Verizon version of the 2013 #MotoX is now available for only $84.95 on eBay. The device is available in both black and white variants, so there are multiple color variants on offer here. The handset might be officially out of Motorola and Verizon’s software update cycle, but it’s still a very capable device considering the cost.