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Best back-to-school Android smartphones for 2015

We realize you probably don’t want to think about this yet, but the start of the school year is nigh. There’s still time to have some fun, lie under the scorching sun all day and party all night, but sooner or later, you’ll need to deal with the reality of the sweet dream coming to

2015 Moto E with LTE now available via Republic Wireless for $129

Motorola’s cheapest Android smartphone, the 2015 Moto E can now be snatched up from Sprint based MVNO Republic Wireless for just $129 off contract. This is the 8GB version of the smartphone and also comes with support for 4G LTE networks by default, which is a bonus for the price that the customer is paying. The carrier is

2015 Moto E

[Deal] 2015 Moto E with LTE now selling for $99.99

Motorola’s most recent budget offering the 2015 Moto E with LTE is now selling for just $99.99, which is a $50 discount on the standard asking price. For this price, you’re getting a 4.5 inch 960 x 540 display, a quad core 1.2 GHz Snapdragon 410 chipset, 8GB of internal storage (expandable), 1GB of RAM,

2015 Moto E

Second gen Moto E on Verizon getting the Android 5.1 update

The recently announced 2nd gen Moto E from Verizon has some good news waiting today. Customers of the budget handset will officially start seeing the update to Android 5.1 after the handset was launched with Android 5.0 out of the box a couple of months ago. The update won’t bring any drastic changes to the

Best affordable Android smartphones already on Lollipop

According to official Android distribution numbers harvested by Google during the week leading to May 4, a measly 9.7 percent of all devices with the world’s most popular mobile OS inside run 5.0 or 5.1 Lollipop. That’s certainly disappointing, given 5.0 source code was freely disseminated back in early November 2014 and Android M’s “final”