[Deal] 45mm Moto 360 Sport for $111.95

The #Moto360Sport is now available for just $111.95 on eBay. The seller only has the White version of the smartwatch in stock, which means you don’t have much say in terms of colors. But that shouldn’t be much of a problem since the White model is the most attractive variant (for me anyway). The smartwatch

[Deal] Moto 360 Sport for $99.99

The #Moto360Sport is now available for just $99.99 on eBay. This is Motorola/Lenovo’s most recent smartwatch which was released late last year. The device runs Android Wear out of the box, with support for all of the new features that have been released by Google. The 360 Sport also features GPS and WiFi, which makes

Moto 360 Sport

[Deal] Moto 360 Sport for $124.99

You can now grab the 45mm #Moto360Sport for just $124.99 on eBay. This is a significantly discounted price on the original price tag of the wearable, which makes this a fairly attractive deal for everyone. The Moto 360 Sport is basically like the standard 2nd gen Moto 360, but with some added features which will appeal

[Deal] Moto 360 Sport for $152.99

You can now get the 45mm Moto 360 Sport for just $152.99 on eBay. This model was launched last year alongside the standard 2nd gen Moto 360. Naturally, it’s quite different from the regular Moto 360, although mostly in terms of external appearance. The Moto 360 Sport being offered here only comes in a White variant

Moto 360 Sport

[Deal] Moto 360 Sport for $161.32

The #Moto360Sport is now available for just $161.32 via Amazon, which is a resounding discount compared to its standard price of $199.99 (originally $299). The discount is only available for the Black version of the smartwatch, and you will still have to spend $199.99 if you’re interested in the White or Orange version of the

Moto 360 Sport

[Deal] Moto 360 Sport for $236

The #Moto360Sport is a pretty expensive smartwatch as we all know. At $300, it wasn’t really appealing to a lot of users. It seems like Motorola is slowly beginning to realize that as it is now offering the sports-oriented smartwatch for just $236 via online retailer Amazon. This is a whopping $64 discount on the standard

Best early 2016 Android smartwatches money can buy

The signs were there for a pretty long time, but it wasn’t until the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show kicked off in Las Vegas a few weeks back that we realized how wearables had graduated from experimental companion devices to mainstream-oriented tech headliners. Quick, can you name a tablet introduced at CES that stuck with you

Moto 360 Sport

Moto 360 Sport makes its way to the Google Store for $299

The #Moto360Sport went live on the #MotoMaker last week and has been available through a bunch of other retailers since then. The smartwatch can now be snatched from the Google Store as well, thus broadening its retail presence. Naturally, the pricing will remain unchanged at $299. Customers get to pick between the Orange and the

Moto 360 Sport

Moto 360 Sport now up for grabs at $299.99

#Motorola is now offering the #Moto360Sport smartwatch from its official store for $299.99. This is the same price as the standard second gen #Moto360 and the wearable even shares most of the hardware with the regular model. Thanks to the use of silicone bands, the Sport is designed to absorb sweat and provide a hassle free workout

Moto 360 Sport

Moto 360 Sport landing in the U.S. on Jan 7 for $299

The #Moto360Sport was announced alongside the 2nd gen #Moto360 back in September, but never saw an official release in the markets. Motorola has now announced that this “Sport” version of the popular Moto 360 smartwatch will be up for grabs starting January 7 from the company’s own online store as well as a handful of