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Android-iOS monetization gap: Should it trouble developers?

Android significantly outnumbers Apple’s iOS and other mobile platforms in terms of user base. Around the world, there are more than 1.5 million Android devices activated per day. In China alone, there are 270 million Android devices active, and there are almost 1 billion devices activated globally. By contrast, Apple says it has sold about

Viber Sticker Market

Viber Sticker Market, Push-To-Talk introduced

The messaging app Viber has rolled out an update today. The update launches the Viber Sticker Market and a Push-to-talk function, among a list of other fresh features. Viber Sticker Market The Viber Sticker Market is a new opportunity for Viber to monetize the app by offering premium stickers. Such stickers, it should be noted,

Millennial Media Still Largest Independent Ad Network For Android

XYlogic released a report today detailing the mobile ad networks that are touching Android devices. While Google owned Admob, still takes the cake as the largest ad supplier to Android applications, Millennial Media is still on top as the largest independent mobile ad network found in Android apps. Admob is a Google owned company. It

Millennial Media Now Offering Ad Test Features To Developers

Android developers, are you using Millennial Media for your ads? If you’re not you should be. Millennial Media, the mobile advertising platform, has just announced on their blog some new enhancements that developers should check out. Millennial Media is now offering developers the ability to register up to 100 test devices so that they can

FourSquare Considering Charging Businesses

Do you remember Google before adwords?  It was just Google and it returned results for your search, better than any other search engine commercially available. At that time everyone said, now what guys you need to make some money.  After perfecting the least obtrusive way of doing ads, they finally began to make some money.