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These Android games keep my kids occupied on those long trips

“Are we there yet?” is a common question your restless and impatient kids will often ask during road trips. Whether you’re traveling during heavy city traffic or taking a long drive to the suburbs, kids simply don’t have the attention span to last the trip. Fortunately — or sometimes, unfortunately — these days, mobile devices


Mojang Release Trailer For New Game “Scrolls”

The creators of the hugely popular game Minecraft have released a teaser trailer for their new game named “Scrolls” the public beta for the game will be unleashed on June 3rd. Scrolls is a digital collectible card game kind of like the console version of Pokemon or Magic: The Gathering, this is the antithesis of

Minecraft Pocket Edition Gets An Update, Now At v0.6

Mojang announced last week that they had submitted an update to Minecraft Pocket Edition to Android for review. Today, that version is now live at Google Play which you can now download. Version 0.6 brings in tons of new features which promise to make the game more exciting for mobile users. Some of the things