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5 Best Android Game Controllers In 2019

If you play games at all with your Android smartphone, you might want to considering picking yourself up a Android Game Controller. One of the frustrating things about games and Android is that touch controls make things awkward and difficult. Some games are made for touch controls — for example, touch controls work just fine

MOGA Ace Power

New MOGA Ace Power gaming controller leaked

MOGA is a renowned name in the Android gaming community as it makes gaming controllers for smartphones. Two new MOGA controllers went up for pre order on Amazon almost a month ago, and it seems like we have a new one on the cards already. Renowned Twitter figure Evleaks has revealed the new MOGA Ace

Moga Pro Power

Moga Hero Power and Pro Power now up for pre order on Amazon

Two new Moga branded Android gaming controllers have gone up for pre-order on Amazon with competing price points. The entry level Moga Hero Power costs about $59.99 while the slightly expensive and better looking Pro Power costs $79.99. If you recall correctly, these controllers hook up to your Android smartphone and make playing games a

Power A MOGA Controller Review (Part 1)

Power A’s MOGA controller is one of the best Android controllers available, at least the controller itself is. While the app you use to connect the MOGA to your Android device is highly disappointing, the controller itself is of the utmost quality. Power A released the MOGA controller on October 21st of 2012 for a

MOGA Controller First Impressions (Part 2)

The MOGA controller has been a great experience so far, but my huge problem lays with the MOGA Pivot app. The Pivot app is what you use to connect your MOGA controller with MOGA optimized games. Unfortunately, the amount of MOGA optimized games is abysmal. Sure, they are getting a few good titles, but often

MOGA Controller First Impressions (Part 1)

I was lucky enough to snag Power A’s MOGA Bluetooth controller for Android devices during their Christmas promotion where they gave away the device for free. I just recently received it, and after playing around with it for a while, I’m almost glad I didn’t waste my money on it. The controller itself is great,

Top 3 Games For Your MOGA Controller

Have you recently gotten one of Power A’s MOGA controller’s? Are you not sure what games to take for a spin yet? Check out our top 3 games for the MOGA controller below! Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour — Modern Combat 4 is Gameloft’s next installment of their Modern Combat series. The game is essentially

11 Bit Studios Unveils Anomaly Korea

Lets face it, there just aren’t enough good “quality” games on the Play Store. 11 Bit Studios looks to fix that with a brand new game dubbed Anomaly Korea. Anomaly Korea is a sequel to Anomaly Warzone Earth. It features a plethora of new features and units. The game will also feature 12 missions. While

MOGA Bluetooth Controller Available October 21st For $49.99

Controllers are really helpful for when it comes to touch devices. There’s a new Bluetooth controller from Power A called the MOGA to help with all of that. The company said that it would be available in time for the holidays, and they delivered by releasing it a bit earlier! They’ve announced that the controller