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Beats Audio Will Launch a Music Streaming Service in Late 2013

The evolution of technology has gotten us far ahead. One such evolution is in terms of music and how we handle it. Today with the digitalization of music, users don’t really have to walk into a store and purchase a physical disc to listen to his/her favorite album. In the current era have something known

Beats Electronics acquires music streaming service MOG

Emerging reports suggest that Beats Electronics, popularly associated with Dr. Dre and HTC, has now acquired MOG (Music on the go), which is a popular paid social networking/music subscription service.  With MOG having troubles keeping up with services like Spotify, the buyout could be beneficial in many ways. The deal was finalized today and both

Spotify Prepares Multi OS US Launch In July

The Silicon Valley Watcher’s Tom Foremski recently moderated a panel at a conference for Omnicom’s senior leadership team. Spotify’s General Manager of Europe & Global Vice President of Ad Sales Jonathan Forster was a panelist at this event. In case you didn’t know Spotify is the world’s largest and most successful music streaming service, however