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Samsung and Nokia Top New JD Power Survey

In the most recent JD Power Survey centered on mobile phone consumer satisfaction, Samsung and Nokia were tied in the top position. According to PhoneArena, the JD Power survey was conducted among 1,929 owners of feature phones in the market and who have owned their devices for less than a year. The study was conducted

Apple Emerges on Top in Q4 2012 Mobile Shipments in the U.S

The holiday season is often seen as a lucrative period for manufacturers regardless of the status of the company, as this is the time when these companies aim to make the most sales. Similarly during the fourth quarter of 2012, there were a few new devices being launched which were very well received by the

What is Smishing and How Do You Prevent it?

First, there was phishing, an attack on users that acquire their personal information such as their passwords and credit card information by passing off a false website as a legitimate page. Now, as Internet users become more aware about suspicious messages either on websites or in their e-mail, cyber criminals are moving from websites to

Mobile Phone Sales Drop Prior to iPhone 5 Launch

Global sales of mobile phones have dropped 2.3% in the second quarter of this year. The figure comes from Gartner, a US-based technology research firm. In particular, only 419 million mobile phone units were sold during the quarter. Smartphones comprise 36.7% of this number, marking a 42.7% in the number of smartphone units sold during last

Text Messaging Still Dominates Mobile Phone Useage In The United States

comScore’s latest quarterly mobile lens report was recently published. The report showed that texting is still the dominant content usage across all phones (both smart and feature phones) in the U.S. at 71.8%. In fact texting actually increased from July 2011 to October 2011 by 1.8%. Web browsing was up 2.9% while downloading mobile apps