Square Cash Vs Venmo Best Mobile Payment App In 2020

With so many mobile payment systems available today, we have a lot of options for sending money to friends, family, employees, etc. But, which one of these mobile payment systems are the best — which one offers you the most intuitive UI? Which one makes it easy to send money without jumping through too many

Venmo Vs Zelle Best Mobile Payment App In 2020

There are a lot of different mobile payment apps out there, with some of the most popular being the likes of Square Cash, PayPal, Venmo, etc. There’s one that has recently entered the fray — Zelle — and was created by leading bank and credit unions. Zelle was designed so that you could easily settle

Samsung Pay

Square Cash Vs Apple Pay Best Mobile Payment App In 2020

Mobile payment applications have revolutionized how we send and receive money; it has even changed how many of us pay for purchases. Many folks weren’t sure about NFC payments when they first launched, but now, services like Apple Pay has simply become an everyday way to pay for your bill at the store. And then

Square is rolling out their new reader with support for mobile payments

Square, the mobile payments startup, is finally getting onboard with mobile payments. After originally announcing their new reader back in June, they are finally starting to ship the device to retailers. The new reader not only brings support for chip-enabled cards (which have just started to become commonplace in the United States), it also brings support

Ahead Of Release, Samsung Teases Samsung Pay

Samsung Pay is arriving on September 28th, and the company is doing their darnedest to make sure everyone knows it. Samsung has released a new ad for the service, showing how it can be used in more places than other mobile payment systems. While Apple Pay and Android Pay are NFC-only, Samsung Pay also works

Samsung Has Acquired Mobile Payments Company LoopPay

After being rumored for a few months, it is now official. Samsung has acquired mobile payments company LoopPay. LoopPay is unique in the mobile payments market as it works with pre-existing magnetic strip card readers wirelessly. No NFC is required, making it the most prevalent type of payment system to date. Samsung has stated the following:

Isis Mobile Payment System Launches In Austin and Salt Lake City

As we have all expected, the new Isis mobile payment system that had been backed by a bunch of major carriers like AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon, has just launched today in Austin, Texas and Salt Lake City, Utah. As of right now, there are nine different handsets that are ready to go with the NFC-enabled app, with

Verizon Wireless Offering Intuit Credit Card Reader For Android In Stores Now

Verizon Wireless has been talking about mobile payment initiatives for a while.  From the ISIS network to allowing small businesses to take credit cards almost painlessly through their smartphones. Verizon has teamed up with payment provider Intuit to offer Intuit’s GoPayment reader in Verizon Wireless corporate stores.  According to the picture of the packaging the