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Mobile Payment (NFC)

T-Mobile Sued Over NFC

A New Jersey company called On Track Innovations (OTI) has sued the nation’s fourth largest carrier over NFC. On Track Innovations is a contact-less payment company based in Iselin New Jersey. The company has partnered with credit card brands Visa and Mastercard to develop contact-less payment systems. On Track Innovations holds over 100 patents pertaining

SXSW: Hands On With ISIS Mobile Wallet

Mobile Wallet is going to become big in the next few years. The ability to store your important financial information on your smartphone and use it by simply tapping your phone is both convenient and in some ways more secure. Many privacy and security pundits are worried about the safety of confidential financial information being

Breaking: Move over Prime – the Nexus is coming

  IS NOT THE   There once was a rumor called Prime, we thought she was a Nexus but she had Wiz all over. The Nexus was still lost, and all we had was a Galaxy.   You want an *accurate* poem there you go…

Android 2.3.5 Headed To The Nexus S With Google Wallet In Tow

Droid Life reported earlier today that they had received a photo from someone apparently testing a build of Android 2.3.5.  Those great all knowing gods of Android at Android Community quickly disputed it saying it could be a build.prop.edit, we know how Android Community doesn’t consider it a valid leak unless it comes to them

Google’s Live Press Event For Google Wallet

Today, Google held a press event in New York to announce their upcoming Google Wallet. According to Google’s Commerce Vice President Stephanie Tilenius,E-commerce is still only 8 percent of total retail, which in turn means that 92 percent of shopping still happens in the real world. Google believes that the shopping experience has not been fully transformed by technology

HTC’S Plans For The Tablet Market

The tablet market had only first started last year with the release of the Apple iPad, since then we have seen many new tablets hit the market including Android based tablets. It is predicted that the tablet market will grow to over 108 million devices by next year which is compared to just the 17.6

DoubleTwist Brings A One Of A Kind Feature To Android

Many Android users are familiar or have heard of DoubleTwist, their version of iTunes for Android. In case you have not DoubleTwist gives users the ability to sync music and other media files via a Wi-Fi. Now DoubleTwist brings more features to their Android application. This week an update has been released that will allow Android

NFC-Capable HTC Device Coming, Better Than The Sensation

Near Fields Communications (a.k.a NFC), is still in the beginning stages of its life. NFC will give smartphone users the ability to pay for purchases with just a swipe from their phone and will reduce the need to carry around all those important bank cards and credit cards. T-Mobile, Verizon, and AT&T are all on board with

Utah To Roll Out Phone Payments For Transit In 2012

Fresh on the heels of the Sprint announcement yesterday that they were working on releasing “Tap & go” (NFC) via phone this year, Salt Lake City Utah has announced that they are going to use ISIS, the collective mobile payment program of AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon Wireless for public transit purchases. If all goes well