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Square brings it’s mobile payment service to Japan

Square is a mobile payment service that uses small attachments to your mobile device to scan credit card to make payments. The company has now announced that it’s first country outside of the US it will be bringing the it’s hardware and software to is Japan. The iPhone is very successful in Japan which makes

Apple Not Jumping Into Mobile Payment Too Soon

While competitors are jumping into the mobile payment market head first, Apple is showing signs it is not in a rush of releasing its very own payment system. Phil Schiller, head of Apple’s world-wide marketing, said in an interview that while competitors are now starting to battle over “their piece of the pie”, Apple will

SXSW: Hands On With ISIS Mobile Wallet

Mobile Wallet is going to become big in the next few years. The ability to store your important financial information on your smartphone and use it by simply tapping your phone is both convenient and in some ways more secure. Many privacy and security pundits are worried about the safety of confidential financial information being