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1.5 million Android devices activated per day

Google Q2 earnings call may have missed some expectations, but Android is still blooming and Google is currently activating around 1.5 million device per day, a step up from the 1 million activations back in 2012. Larry Page said he was very proud of the progress Android was making in the world and announced 900


iOS7 beta shown off hours before launch

iOS7 is literally hours away from being released and 9to5mac have been talking to a leaker who has shown a beta version of the new mobile operating system update. The design of the icons will not change and we are not likely to see widgets appear on the OS, but the redesign of every icon has

Ubuntu For Phones Launched By Canonical

Smartphones are nothing but handheld computers having processors with very low power needs. Like any computer, software or the operating system plays a major role in how the hardware is used and the ultimate experience of the device is based on the operating system itself because it is the one that manages all the resources,

Ubuntu to announce a new product in 2 hrs

Linux is considered to be mother of all operating systems. It’s free and used almost everywhere, though not many people notice it. Linux is used in majority of web servers and most of the supercomputers also make use of Linux. For desktop use, there are a lot of free distributions available, but the most popular