Top 5 best RPG for Android

If you are a fan of role playing video games and would love to enjoy the gaming experience on your Android phone, then you are in luck.  RPG has exploded in recent past, and there are definitely no shortage of RPG for your Android phone.  Here are some sneaky good RPG games for Android in 2015. Million Arthur

Best Android tablets for everywhere gaming – April 2015 edition

They say Android tablets are good for casual, mundane, non-straining tasks and activities like web browsing, e-book reading, unpretentious YouTube watching or music playing. For everything else, buy an iPad. Or go big and bulky, and get a Windows laptop or convertible. Unfortunately, for the most part, they are correct. The blame is split evenly

Benchmark reconfirms Asus Game Box specs: Android 4.3, Tegra 4 CPU, 2 GB RAM

Untroubled by Nvidia and Ouya’s struggles with making their latest Android game console efforts relevant, Asus forges ahead with its own Shield rival/trend-setter wannabe, a controller supposedly dubbed Game Box. First spotted in an AnTuTu benchmark and subsequently blessed by the Bluetooth SIG with the necessary regulatory approvals to see daylight, the Asus Game Box


Amazon may be developing a mobile gaming console

Amazon is reportedly looking to develop a mobile gaming console similar to the Ouya and GameStick. The gaming console will have its own controller and Amazon will run the system, making sure all games and entertainment on the console is verified. The Ouya and GameStick are both in their infancy, with the Ouya just stepping

Chris Ovitz Viddy Co-Founder Joins Scopely

Chris Ovitz the co-founder of Viddy the social video sharing site, recently Chris has just acquired the mobile gaming platform startup Scopely. Viddy’s popularity increased exponentially only to come down with a bang on Facebook and iOS charts. Ovitz used to be the head of Viddy’s business development sector at the startup. Ovitz Scopely will

Playphone Brings Multi-Player Gaming Cross Platform To Android And iOS

San Jose based Playphone is bringing instant multi player gaming to people with Android and iPhones to play together simultaneously. In an exclusive story published by Venture Beat, Playphone’s CEO Ron Czerny said that you’ll be able to use the Playphone platform to play multi player games across carriers and devices with only a 250

Android And iOS Destroying Sony and Nintendo In Portable Gaming

Forget about traditional OS wars and patent wars for a moment, there’s a new war in town and it’s coming from Nintendo. 9to5Mac and 9to5Google are reporting today that Nintendo’s President, Satoru Iwata has told his executives that the war with Sony has been won but there is a new threat and that threat is

Qualcomm’s SnapDragon Game Pack Makes Discovering SnapDragon Games A Snap

Last week Qualcomm announced the SnapDragon Game Pack. The SnapDragon Game Pack is Qualcomm’s answer to Nvidia’s Tegra Zone. Like NVIDIA’s Tegra Zone, Qualcomm has grouped together the best games that optimize the use of the Qualcomm SnapDragon chip set.  The first iteration of the SnapDragon Game Pack highlights the deep collaboration between Qualcomm and