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Galaxy S7 cannot send SMS and email to other networks, other issues

Good day everyone! Here’s another brief list of other #GalaxyS7 series issues submitted by members of our community. For those who sent requests for assistance to use but don’t find their issues published here, we say please continue to watch out for more similar posts in the near future. In the meantime, these are the

Galaxy S6 mobile won’t work if Wi-Fi switch is on, other issues

Hello Android community! Here’s another list of #GalaxyS6 issues we’ve collected so far. Solutions to some of the issues mentioned below are straightforward, while some require further user intervention. Whatever the outcome of the mentioned solutions, we hope that this material will help our ever-growing Android community. Here’s the specific topics covered here today: Galaxy

Galaxy S5 restarts on its own when using Snapchat, other issues

Even after 2 years since the first #GalaxyS5 was released, there are still millions of people using this amazing Samsung flagship. But just like any other smartphone, this platform is not perfect so issues can be expected. Below are the list of Galaxy S5 issues we tackle here today: Galaxy S5 SD card questions How

Galaxy S6 Edge Plus mobile data is not working, other issues

Are you in search for answers to your #GalaxyS6 issue? We’ve put together another list of S6 issues in this post for you so read on. Below are the specific topics we cover here today: Galaxy S6 keeps restarting on its own Rare Galaxy S6 lockscreen/display error Galaxy S6 won’t turn back on Galaxy S6

Galaxy S5 POP account issue after Android update, other issues

Android updates can sometimes lead to more problems than fix existing ones. In this episode, we include an S5 POP account issue after Android update as well as other #GalaxyS5 problems. Below are the specific topics discussed in this post: Galaxy S5 POP account issue after Android update How to recover important files from a broken