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Snapchat looking for $80 million funding for $800 million valuation

Snapchat has recently been looking for a second round of funding and reports now state the company has gained $80 million in funding from Institutional Venture Partners. This funding would put Snapchat at an $800 million valuation, a little lower than previously expected. While Snapchat may not be a $1 billion company just yet, they have been

Yahoo Shuttering A Number Of Mobile Apps

Yahoo is obviously going through an internal restructuring. Earlier this year they said goodbye to their CEO, Carol Bartz, by phone nonetheless and replaced her with Scott Thompson. Just over a week ago Yahoo Founder Jerry Yang left both the Board of Directors and some internal positions he held at Yahoo rather abruptly. It’s Thompson’s

MMA Establishes Privacy Guidelines For Mobile Apps

The Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) has issued the final draft of their guidelines for privacy when it comes to mobile apps. As the mobile app ecosystem continues to grow by leaps and bounds, privacy within apps has become a hot button topic. In 2011 stories like this, about even very popular apps and the data