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Millennial Media’s IPO Price Revealed

Our friends in Baltimore at Millennial Media have been very quiet lately. The second largest mobile ad network (and the largest independent mobile ad network) in the world has been in their SEC mandated “quiet period” gearing up for an initial public offering (IPO). Earlier on Millennial had reported that they expected their share price

Developer Tools: Millennial Media’s Self Serve mMedia Tool Goes Live At MWC

Millennial Media, the independent leader in mobile advertising, took some time at Mobile World Congress to announce that their mMedia self serve tools have gone from beta to full release. mMedia allows developers and advertisers to reach over 200 million global mobile users with Millennial Media’s advertising platform. ┬áMillennial’s new mMedia campaigns are easy and

Japanese Carrier KDDI Sending Ads Through Notification Bar

Japanese Carrier KDDI has started a new form of advertising that has people in an uproar. They are using Android’s notifications bar to push ads to Android devices. The service is opt out which means that a customer gets it regardless of whether they want it or not, and then can decide to opt out.

Millennial Media Still Largest Independent Ad Network For Android

XYlogic released a report today detailing the mobile ad networks that are touching Android devices. While Google owned Admob, still takes the cake as the largest ad supplier to Android applications, Millennial Media is still on top as the largest independent mobile ad network found in Android apps. Admob is a Google owned company. It

Millennial Media Tops List Of Fastest Growing Maryland Tech Companies

Normally when we write about Millennial Media and numbers, it’s numbers about smartphones coming from the Baltimore based firm. So tonight the tables get turned as we’ve learned via the Baltimoresun, that Millennial Media is the second fastest growing tech company in the state of Maryland this year. Millennial Media publishes the Mobile Mix report

Millennial Media Now Offering Ad Test Features To Developers

Android developers, are you using Millennial Media for your ads? If you’re not you should be. Millennial Media, the mobile advertising platform, has just announced on their blog some new enhancements that developers should check out. Millennial Media is now offering developers the ability to register up to 100 test devices so that they can

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Unsocial Partners With DealNet

If you’ve ever gone to a large convention, you know how difficult it is to manage your time as well as know where everything is being held. I just attended the VentureBeat MobileBeat and GamesBeat events. These were two separate events but were being hosted at the Palace Hotel in San Francisco. The event coordinators

Tap Me Says Goodbye Ad Blocks, Puts The Ads In The Games At #GDC11

One of the things I loved most during my radio career was NTR, NTR stands for Non Traditional Revenue in the radio world. It’s the way that radio stations stick in advertising messages and calls to action during “Commercial free hours” honestly from a marketing perspective it’s much less obtrusive than traditional commercials. That’s the

Survey Reveals Almost Half Of Mobile Ad Clicks Are Accidental

In a study commissioned by Pontiflex and performed by media research firm Harris Interactive, it was revealed last week that almost half of the ad clicks in mobile apps are by accident. ┬áThink about how many times you’ve accidently clicked that ad in the bottom right hand corner of Angry Birds for Android just trying