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What Facebook’s WhatsApp acquisition means for mobile users

For a company that promises “No ads. No games. No gimmicks,” what will happen to WhatsApp after Facebook’s acquisition? The surprising news this week is the biggest tech acquisitions this year — Facebook’s acquisition of mobile messaging app WhatsApp for $19 billion. That’s $4 billion in cold cash, $12 billion in shares, plus $3 billion

Google now Recommends Content for you on Mobile Sites via Google +

 Google is using their Google + product to expand themselves on the mobile front, they are launching a new mobile content recommendation service; this service is tied in with Google +. The content recommendations will appear in you’re mobile browser and they will only appear on sites that Google themselves has partnered up with for

Facebook Home Losing Popularity Very Quickly

Facebook invested a lot of time and effort into their version of a mobile operating system, well a the GUI for your smartphone. The CEO of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg said that Facebook Home is the next version of Facebook, but the figures are in and it hasn’t made a massive impression on the market. The

Viber Announces Desktop app

The free messaging and VOIP app Viber has announces that as of today all 200 million users of there service will have access to their accounts on their desktop as well as mobile due to their dedicated app. The new desktop app is part of Viber’s 3.0 update to the service which is available on

LG announces flexiscreen technology coming soon

LG has announced that they will release a flexib;e OLED smartphone before 2013 ends. There have been rumours circulating about LG preparing to release its curved OLED televisions later in the year as well as providing flexible screens for other smartphones. The Wall Street Journal reports that the company will actually be producing it’s own

Yahoo restrategizes to focus on mobile

Yahoo has announced a change in its business strategy, they are changing it up to try and keep up with the rest of the internet in this the age of mobile. The core products that Yahoo will continue to focus on including mail and weather apps. The products that are for the chopping block include

Facebook hires Apple maps executive to lead mobile devision

Facebook has reeled in yet another Apple executive, the executive that they have nabbed worked on Apple maps. The executive in question is Richard Williamson who managed Apples effort to create a maps app to rival Googles own a widespread app. Williamson joined the Facebook team in the past few weeks to manage their ever

Opera Passes 300 Million Users, New Mobile Apps Soon

Opera, one of the many browsers out there alongside others such as Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox and Chrome, has announced it has passed 300 million users worldwide. This is an interesting turn in the browser wars, Opera is typically thought to be one of the lesser competitors in the war. The news from Opera also

Google Drive Update Brings More Functionality

The Google Drive app was updated yesterday and brought some major functionality improvements that should impress a lot of extensive Drive users. This latest update brings an improved UI to the app and brings the app to version 1.1.470.11. Other things that have been included in the update are as follows: Edit Google spreadsheets in new

Samsung Galaxy Note II: Over 3 Million Units Sold So Far

It isn’t that surprising that the Galaxy Note II has sold extremely well. In just over 30 days of their launch date, Samsung is reporting that the handset has passed up 3 million units sold. It took a few months for the original Galaxy Note to hit 10 million units sold, so the Galaxy Note II is